Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brunch: Defined

Texas french toast

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's first take a look at what exactly classifies a meal as "brunch".

According to these pillars of the Internet world, "brunch" is:

... a combination of breakfast and lunch. Brunch is often served after a morning event or prior to an afternoon one, such as a wedding or sporting event. As such, it is a heavy meal meant to take the place of both.

[Urban Dictionary]
... a weekend ritual for twenty-something New Yorkers involving the sharing of the first meal of the day with friends after a night of debauchery. Brunch can occur any time after noon and before 5 p.m. on either Saturday or Sunday and serves as a great way to catch up with friends over moderately priced food as well as bloody marys, mimosas or several glasses of champagne. Post-brunch activities often include napping or drunk shopping.

1. a meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch.

verb (used without object)
2. to eat brunch: They brunch at 11:00 on Sunday.  

After taking a look at those sources, let's pick out a few common traits to make up our own definition of brunch, keeping in mind that New York City is the self-claimed epicenter of the brunch movement. 

[Babes Who Brunch Definition]
Brunch can be seen as a primarily weekend meal incorporating elements of breakfast and lunch in terms of both food and hours. This meal may be eaten at a restaurant or in someone's home, in a group of 2 or more. Alcoholic beverages and pre-fixe menus are common in NYC, and the hours typically range from 11A.M. to 4P.M.

So this means brunch does NOT include bowls of cereal at 2 A.M. or leftover lasagna for a Power Meal before a Monday work day. Brunch is about eating with dear friends, family, loved ones, in a casual fashion.

More importantly, for Babes Who Brunch, we are about good brunch. We are striving to find the stars and hidden gems in New York City, a city that has far too many mediocre brunches around.

Now that we've gotten that cleared up, we can get to the good stuff. Stay tuned for our first brunch post!

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