Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to Babes Who Brunch!

Well hello there, and a Happy New Year as well! We're kicking off 2010 with the launch of our new project, Babes Who Brunch (BWB).

What is Babes Who Brunch all about?

A blog about the "serious business" of brunching in New York City (and, well, anywhere). Dining out, hosting at home, picnicking, we're here to look at all versions of that wonderful weekend in-between known as brunch. The acceptable way to continue debauchery of the evening before into a liquor and caffeine infused celebration of both breakfast and lunch.

When will Babes Who Brunch post?

We'll state this upfront: we're not aiming for a daily post; this is more about documenting brunches out, brunches in, and expounding upon some of the great items that make up brunch. (French toast, mimosas, baaacon, etc.) 

Where are these Babes Who Brunch?

We are located snugly in the vast, brunch-friendly, culinary web of New York City. Any more information than that, and you'll have to follow your nose. 

How will the Babes brunch?

Well, first we'll master how to use forks and knives, then ... Okay, we kid, but really, we're just going to get together to have brunch when it's convenient. New York City usually offers brunch menus on the weekends, but that doesn't mean we can't have individual brunch experiences, educational posts, or brunch parties to write about. Our goal is to do a brunch weekly, but that by no means is a limit.

Who are the minds behind Babes Who Brunch?

This little site all began by some innocent conversation between Emily H and Melissa Z. Both twenty-something food enthusiasts, a discussion about must-eat restaurants in New York, we stumbled upon the realization that both have not dined at The Spotted Pig, a much raved about brunch place from friends who dined there. That in turn led to the "Ah-Hah!" moment of discovering new food exploration buddies, which is all fine and good. But then, Melissa had the idea of turning it into an actual website and well, here we are now. 

How can I be a Babe who Brunches? 

1) Be a babe*
2) Enjoy brunch
3) Contact us through E-mail or comments! 

While Melissa and Emily are the main authors of the site, one of the biggest factors of creating this blog is to bring in fellow babelicious friends to write about brunch experiences. We hope to have a fresh stream of fantastic female writers to add to the site.

*Really, the name is just for alliteration. We are not deluding ourselves with dreams of model-dom, but "Babe" is certainly preferable to the other "B" word, don't you think?

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  1. Love it :) Can't wait for the inaugural outing!